As we celebrate 7 years of making folks look good and feel good in Mo's Bows, we cannot thank you enough for your endless support. Keep tagging us in your photos- we love reposting you all.

“I'm a huge admirer of your success. I believe that you are a primary example of the potential that can be tapped into as a young person. I have also learned so much from your creativeness and your ability to create an empire out of something as simple as a bow. Instead of being a kid and playing the typical part of asking and wanting, you take matters into your own hands without making excuses about anything.”
-Daniel B.
“My students have been uplifted by your story.  They see a young man with a dream and a passion, and they respond favorably to that.  I’ve gotten into some deep discussions about how their dreams can start being lived out now; how they can find a passion, a vision, for their lives now, and how they can discover the unique creative spirit that is in each one of them. They take those concepts and overall have applied them to their presentations for this project, and for the rest of the year’s assignments.  Your story makes a difference to them.”
-Keith B.
“Really am proud of MO  his smile just screams A WONDERFUL BEAUTIFUL PERSON.”
-Renne G.
“I'm so fascinated by your work and the levels of achievement you have reached especially at your age. It makes me very proud and also inspires me to achieve greatness as well.”
-Delphine A.